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5 Facts You Need To Know To Understand, Navigate And Enjoy The Digital Brain Health Revolution

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Hundreds of companies around the globe, now including Elon Musk’s Neuralink and even to, are researching and developing new ways to help brain owners be smarter, sharper, and healthier.

What explains this flurry of activity? Where may it be headed?

To help you understand what’s going on, let me highlight five key facts.

Fact 1. There are 7.5 billion human brains out there, and everyone needs help


Consider all unmet needs derived from the traditional pharma-exclusive approach to brain health.

Learning and cognitive disabilities in children are growing significantly, from ADHD and OCD, to autism. The related emotional and economic burden is substantial — yet, over 60-70% of those with treatment have poor outcomes, and many who need help don’t get any.

Globally, around 350 million people suffer from depression. Add to that substance abuse, and we are talking hundreds of millions of people without proper care and very high relapse rates for the lucky ones getting help.

Concussions and brain impairments pervade through millions of veterans and high-contact sports practitioners, yet diagnosis and treatments are elusive.

And let’s not forget the perfectly healthy.


What can we do to strengthen brain connectivity at any age, enhancing complex problem-solving, novel thinking, emotional intelligence, agility & flexibility and strategic leadership – considered to be the top skills to suceed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution as described by the World Economic Forum?

Additionally, we all age one day at a time and (hopefully) will live longer and longer lives, so addressing aging-related cognitive decline should be a top priority, and one where repeated pharmacological-driven attempts have proven to be a disappointment.

In short: for one reason or another, the fact is that 7.5 billion human brains need access to better and cheaper brain healt

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