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6 of the Best Math Apps for Students

Some subjects that were thought to be extremely complicated and boring are now being enjoyed by students. Maths is no different, there are many apps on the play store that have introduced gamification in apps to make it more enjoyable for students.



1 – Photo math

Photo maths is an amazing smartphone app available both on android and iPhone. All students er  https://002eaglegaze.onlinehave to do is point their phone at the question, that can be in both printed and handwritten form, and the app will provide you with the solutions that include the step-by-step process on how to solve it yourself. Photo maths is an excellent learning resource for primary and secondary level students especially with its explanations on how to solve problems. The app is free to use however, there are in-app purchases up to $9.99.



2 – Khan Academy

Khan academy is maybe the most diverse resource for maths you can find as it includes over 10,000 videos, 40,000 questions, and tons of different types of math. It’s appropriate for all ages as it covers all topics from basic to advances, you will how to perform basic arithmetic operations to advanced calculus. You will find many mini-lectures about every topic, it also tests you with its multiple practice tests, and the best thing of all it’s free to use. It’s available on both google app and apple store.


3 – Splash learn

Splash maths is a game-based learning app for students of grades 1 to 5 that cover topics like arithmetic, early math, geometry and pre-algebra, and algebra. The best thing about splash learning is that it can adapt to a kid’s level of understanding which ensures the proficiency of the student in all grade level math skills. Repetition is important for solidifying maths fundame

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