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How To Prevent Cross-Contamination Of Food In A Commercial Kitchen

to prevent cross contamination of food which can cause disease and illness, and may even result in the restaurant being closed down by health authorities.


Cross contamination in general terms is the spread of bacteria around the kitchen, from food to equipment, surfaces and hands, and back to other food. Customers can get very severe food poisoning from consuming d food, which is why restaurant owners try their best to prevent such situations from arising by following stringent procedures for cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation.

Cross contamination of food can be prevented by using proper methods and by adopting procedures for staff to follow regarding personal hygiene, as well as storing and food preparation methods.


The following are some procedures that should be followed by all staff working in a restaurant with regard to their personal and work space hygiene.


  • Clothing – Uniforms such as , hats and chef aprons should be worn at all times during food preparation and handling, and staff should not be allowed to prepare food while in their normal day-to-day clothes since these could bring in contaminants from the outside. Uniforms should be washed and cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Personal hygiene – Nails should be kept short and clean, and staff should shower before they get into their uniforms and start the daily work routine.
  • Accessories – Accessories such as jewelry, watches etc should be removed before starting to handle food.
  • Hair – Employees with long hair should tie their hair back and wear a hair net, in addition to wearing a chef hat.
  • Washing hands – Regular washing of hands should be encouraged among staff, and anti-bacterial soap and paper towels to dry their hands, should be kept available at all times.
  • Damaged utensils – Utensils that have any form of damages or shows signs of wear and tear should be discarded since bacteria can form between crevices.
  • Work surfaces – These should be cleaned with disinfectant regularly, and proper cleaning done at least once every day. Hot soapy water and antibacterial spray or wash are a must for cleaning surfaces.
  • Equipment and utensils – Equipment and utensils should be properly cleaned and stored on shelves.
  • Cleaning equipment – Differ

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