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Techniques for Hypnosis

There are nearly 101 methods to perform complete hypnosis to a person. Each way of hypnosis has its special weakness and special strength, thus they all work. There are many kind of people here in this world so it does not meant that one technique will work for every person. So there are various techniques as various people respond well to various techniques and the best results are only achieve then, not with some other technique that isn’t really compatible with them. These articles tell about three of the techniques of hypnosis that are mostly preferred.Firstly there is this “traditional hypnosis”. In this kind of hypnosis, the hypnotists simply make direct suggestion to the unconscious mind of a person, when he is at the state of relaxation. This is the most basic and

oldest form of hypnosis, most of the tapes and book sold are based on traditional hypnosis, as it is easy to do, understand, and simple. No complexity is needed. However, it fails against the people who have critical or analytical thinking. So it won’t work on those people effectively and they might not get hypnotized at all.

Then there is Ericksonian Hypnosis, in it the hypnotist use small stories that are different from one another. These are actually called metaphors which really give suggestions and orders to the unconscious mind of the subject. This quite a powerful method as it put up a huge resistance and blocks the thoughts coming from the conscious part of the mind. This hypnosis has two types of metaphors, Isomorphic and second is called embedded commands. Then there is Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. In it we don’t use suggestion or metaphors but work on the same thought pattern that is causing problem for the subject. In a hand of a professional it in one of the most effective way to hypnotize a person and make him feel relax. This type has several things in it, like anchoring NLP. In this the hypnotists take the unconscious mind to some memory where you were congratulated for something that you had done. This technique try to recreate that feeling and self-esteem for the patient so that he can feel relax and melt up to those good thoughts and feel good.

Then there is NLP Flash it is quite a powerful technique that can change the reality of the things. That is in this technique a person mind may go to a thought that triggers stress, but this technique “flip” around that thought, as a result that thought now triggers the good feeling and feeling of relaxation. However, both these latter techniques NLP and Ericksonian technique are very difficult to perform and one has to train quite hard and practice quite a lot before these could be performed. An amateur can’t perform these; a slightest mistake in these processes can have a disastrous result on the subject. So its best that this technique is left to the professionals. In addition to these three techniques more have been developed now, which are also in practice at the moment to achieve the same result, but with different instructions and methods to do that.

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