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How to Choose the Perfect Frame for Your Art Print

You’ve found an art print you love. Its subject appeals you. And its colors and style match your décor. You even know just the spot to hang it. Now all you need is a special frame that will spotlight the beauty of the picture and make it look like elegant finished artwork. But choosing a frame isn’t as easy as it sounds. The possibilities seem endless. So how do you decide?


According to professional framers, there’s no single right answer. And that’s a good thing. You’lle probably be able to find several frames that look good. However, each one will affect the visual impression your artwork makes. Take these three elements into consideration when making your final selection:

1)  The Art – Choose the color, character and style of frame based on the color, character and style of the print. If the picture is a reproduction of an old masterpiece, perhaps a Matisse or Renoir, for example, then an ornate gold frame might be an ideal fit.  If the picture is abstract and contemporary in style, then a shiny metal or stark black frame, simple and straightforward, might work best.

Take note of prominent colors in the picture.  If it has a lot of blue, perhaps a silver or pewter frame would be a nice complement. You may even want to select a blue mat to match. Remember that the mat and frame should work together to show off the artwork. They should direct the viewer’s attention to it and not distract from it.

2)  The Space – Look at the decorating style of the room where you plan to hang your framed artwork. Is it traditional or contemporary? Cosmopolitan or country? Dark furnishings or light? Use your framed art to accent the décor of your room.  Consider these examples:


If the room has dark mahogany furniture and you’ve found a print of an impressionist painting, you can use an elegant mahogany frame.

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