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Pop Art Prints-India’s new trend in Wall Decor

Pop Art was started as a fashion or as an experiment which later began to gain acceptance. It is amongst those very few art moments that was begun in America rather than Europe. Majority of Pop art posters are images of objects or portrait of human beings which are reduced to two tone color which are solid.


These days Pop art has become as an art form than an experiment as you could see various stylese of images being printed as Pop art prints and posters which are widely used to enhance the looks of the wall they are hung on. From famous artist images to religious pop art prints, it has been found that such dual tone shades go well with a lot of home d├ęcor trends. Most of the time it is seen that pop are prints go well with white or light colored wall and which are found in almost all homes in India.



Pop art posters also make up a very good gift to friends and family since they need not be associated with a particular trend or style a person likes. Pop art can be anything and thus many genres fit into this form of art that is gaining a lot of popularity in India

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